Why Circa

Why Choose Circa Masonry and Restoration
For over 15 years Circa Masonry & Restoration has posed the question - what are your walls worth to you? They surround you as life happens, they contain your history and your memories. For centuries, stone has always been a constant factor in turning four walls into a home and we look at stone as so much more than a building material.
Our team understands that in order for something to look timeless, you need to put the work, effort and time into it. A mason's creativity lives in stone and mortar, while an artist’s creativity is through their ability to entertain and inspire. When we do a job, we meld the two together to create something that will last for generations.
So, what are your walls worth to you? Circa Masonry & Restoration has answered this question time and time again, all over the Greater Toronto Area. An old family home, your family members, the incredible series of events that lead to your existence, every moment that has ever happened and ever will happen - it all had a starting point.
Circa is the beginning of every incredible moment. Circa is the origin of strong, beautiful and timeless. We honor the centuries-old tradition of stonemasonry by working with our hands, paying close attention to detail, and pouring our souls into each brick, rock and stone we touch.